Router  Is connected two or more lines from different networks. When a data packet comes from one line, the router reads the network address information in the packet to determine the ultimate destination. The most Familiar type of router is home and small office router that simply pass IP packets between the home computers and the internet. For proper work it is necessary to the setup of the router is in a proper manner.

There are many different ways to the setup of the router but the arrangement of router always is in the best way. There is following way to set up the router which is given below. For other router support Read this Asus Router Customer Support


  •  Understand what a router:- Router is basically a networking device to connect your networking equipment together to the internet. It is made up of at least 4 Ethernet ports and reaming port connect to the internet. Some router serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot or a modem, which will eliminate the need to connect your router to the modem to connect the internet. D-Link Customer Service Number

  • Examine router:- It is an important point, you check does it come with Wi-Fi built-in and or a mode,? It is important to know the features of the router.

2. Connecting:-

  • Ethernet ports:- It should be a square-ish connecting port. On computers and laptops, there may be a symbol depicting three computers with lines connecting them. On the router side, look for A set of four ports i.e. common configuration.

  • Connect your Ethernet cable between the device and the router: -  For simplicity sake, just insert the connector into the port in the router with the number one port. For connection, purpose uses Ethernet cable, not a telephone cable which looks similar.

  • Repeat the process for appliances that need to be connected to the router:- Insert the ports in ascending order to clarify.

  • To connect your router modem, look for a port that has the words  Internet or similar on your router, and use an Ethernet cable to connect it to the modem:- If there is none choose an empty slot.

If your  router is also a modem, you will not need to do the above step.

  • Open a browse and see if you have access to the internet:- If you are connected directly to the router by an Ethernet cable, Your setup may be complete. If you are using Wi-Fi, You may need to enter settings into configuration  windows.

  • Troubleshooting hint:- If you need more information from the router manufacture  other sources, You might be able to get temporary internet access by disconnecting the router d-link customer serviced